Learn Texas 42

The game of 42 is a trick-taking card game played by four people divided into 2 teams using a double-six dominoes set. A series of hands are bid and played with marks awarded for winning each hand, played until one team reaches a score of 7 marks. 42 has some similarities to Spades, Hearts and Bridge.

Learning the game isn’t difficult, but mastering can take some time. To learn, we suggest you read:

  • The Rules of Texas 42 – covering the basic mechanics and workings of the game.
  • Play 42 – playing is the best way to learn – and it’s fun! Playing helps you better understand the various interacting and intertwining parts of the game, leading to more advanced strategies. Come play with Austin 42!
  • Master 42 – exploring various strategies – basic and advanced – to help players become more competitive.

For competitive 42, especially for the Austin 42 League, and for similar competitive play used in tournaments throughout the State of Texas and beyond, you’ll want to explore these topics as well:

  • League Rules – how the Austin 42 League is structured and organized
  • Tournament Rules – some additional rules and expectations for competitive 42 play as used in leagues and tournaments at Austin 42 as well as throughout the state of Texas and beyond.

[Note: visit 42 Terminology and Definitions for unfamiliar terms]

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