League Registration is Open!

Starting on February 9th, we”ll begin our next league season! Folks of all skill levels should feel encouraged to participate. Email jeff@austin42.org with the your name, the name of your partner, and your team name. Looking for a partner? Let Jeff know; he’ll help you get matched up!

What does it mean to play in the league?

You are committing to 7-9 matches of 42 to be played out over 10 weeks. Each match is a marks game, first to 7. Winning a match means taking 2 out of 3 total games. The format is standard 42; there are no variants such as nello, splash, or plunge (etc).

What does it cost to play in the league?

There is no cost to play in the league. The winners will receive a set of custom puremco tournament dominoes.

Do I have to play my match at Billy’s every Monday night?

No, you’re free to play your weekly match whenever and wherever you like. However, it would be in the spirit of the league format to play together regularly on Monday nights at Billy’s.