Voiding in and of itself is not an advanced strategy,  however practice often opens up advanced strategies.

The goal of voiding is to eliminate suits from your hand to enable you the option of playing any domino you choose should one of the eliminated suits starts a trick.

The benefit of voiding is that you get to choose any domino to play instead of being forced to follow suit. Choosing any domino allows you to communicate information about your hand or provide count dominoes to your partner when you might not have been able to otherwise.

Example: Your partner wins the bid, calls 4s as trump and leads out the 4:4. Everyone plays a 4. The next lead is the 4:6, the next highest 4. You have no 4s to play and can now play any domino you like.

You’ll want to help guide your partner into your hand by throwing an indication domino, provide count to help make the bid, provide count to set the other team, or find another suit in your hand to void.